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Larry Niven's Known Space

Larry Niven's universe is one of the most popular "future histories" in science fiction. It has been going on for thirty-five years now and is still expanding.

Niven's "Known Space" includes marvels of engineering (Ringworld), heretical suggestions about human evolution and aging (Protector), intricate science fiction detective stories (The Long Arm of Gil Hamilton), and some of the most entertaining aliens ever created (Neutron Star).

Since 1988, Niven has permitted other science fiction authors to write stories set in the Known Space universe. These stories are collected in the Man-Kzin Wars series. These authors have filled in even more details of the past and future of Larry Niven's universe.

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Marc Carlson's Known Space Chronology

Marc Carlson has written the most complete Niven chronology in existence. It includes all of Niven's Known Space stories, as well as the Man-Kzin Wars series.

 NEW! Updated to include Fleet of Worlds.

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