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Links to Other Known Space Sites

Other Timelines

*   Russell Martin's Chronological Listing of the Man-Kzin Wars has data, speculation, and questions about the Man-Kzin Wars chronology.

*   Spike MacPhee, one of the very first Niven chroniclers, has another excellent Man-Kzin Wars Chronological Listing.

Sites Devoted to Niven's Technology

*   MadMark has some additional computer-generated Ringworld Renderings.

Sites Devoted to Niven's Aliens

*   The Kzin Home Page features a lot of great information about the Kzinti. Nesssus and Joel have some detailed reviews of the Man-Kzin War books here, great information, and beautiful graphics.

*   The Kzinti Reference Grammar catalogs everything we know about the Kzinti grammar and vocabulary.

Miscellaneous Niven Sites

*   The site includes all the latest news about Niven's activities and writing. Many interesting oddities (bet you haven't seen the Ringworld desktop theme!)

*   The Encyclopedia of Known Space is still under construction. Written by Brian O'Neill.

*   The Larry Niven Mailing List is only open to members.

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