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Links to Other Science Fiction Sites

For Babylon 5, Niven, Pournelle, or Tolkien links, see their respective pages elsewhere on this site.

Other Timelines

*   Here is a complete timeline of Robert Heinlein's Future History, by Alberto Monteiro.

*   The Dune Encyclopedia included a timeline, which appears several places on the web. One copy is on Russell Bateman's site. It has a few misspellings, but it's the most readable version on the web, and is one of the few that indicates book titles in addition to dates!

*   Johnny Pez has a timeline devoted to Isaac Asimov's Robot and Foundation Series. This site has a great timeline / reading order of all the books. Even the new Foundation and Robot stories written by other authors are included.

*   Herman De Wael has a different Foundation Series Listing.

*   Sikander has yet another Timeline for the Robots & Foundation Series Listing. You can compare the dates of each of these three and see which version you agree with....

*   Marc Carlson's Time Line of the Highlander Universe contains an amazing amount of detail.

*   And Marc's timeline of The X-Files and Millennium is also the best one around.

*   Marc also created the Timeline of a Mysterious Universe. So what really is going on here?

*   The Daystrom Institute, created by Graham Kennedy, has a timeline of the Star Trek universe, along with an incredible amount of data!

*   Doug Scott's excellent Doctor Who Chronology details the history of this classic series.

*   Christopher McElroy and Michael Potts created the all-encompassing Star Wars Timetales. It loads slowly but is very impressive....

* is maintained by Joseph Bongiorno. It includes a Star Wars timeline, a timeline of Oz, and

*   J. R. Mooneyham's Speculative Timeline of Future Technology and Social Change is a serious attempt to extrapolate into the future.

*   The Uchronia site is an awesome index of virtually all the "alternate history" stories that have ever seen print.

*   The Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide has a Timeline of Science Fiction. It charts the development of science fiction, decade by decade.

*   You may not believe it, but Alberto Monteiro has compiled a Timeline of Everything!

Science Fiction Writers

*   James Gifford is the creator of site: RAH. This is a page with lots of great Heinlein material. It includes the Heinlein FAQ, as well as some great shreddings of the cretinous Alexei Panshin....

*   Carlos Angelo's We Grok It site has an awesome amount of Heinlein material. Check out the Book Cover Museum! Or the sound clips of Heinlein speaking! There's also a great link list here.

*   The Quotable Heinlein site contains a database of great Heinlein quotes.

*   A collection of Heinlein information, culled from Usenet by Bryan Dunlap.

*   The Spider Robinson Page was constructed by Ted Powell.

*   C.J. Cherryh maintains her own web-site: Welcome to C.J. Cherryh's Worlds.

*   Here is a great site devoted to Isaac Asimov: the Encyclopedia Galactica. Maintained by Mike Carlin. Includes some timelines as well.

*   Edward Seiler maintains the Isaac Asimov Home Page, which has been an awesome page devoted to the life and works of the Good Doctor for many years now.

*   The official Dune website has a list of all the old and new Dune Novels, in order. (By the way, Space Monkey hated the fourth book....)

*   Rick Wyatt's Ellison Webderland is the canonical page devoted to the constructively-odd Harlan Ellison.

*   John F. Carr's "Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen Saga" site focuses on the works of H. Beam Piper and the sequels written by Carr.

*   The Multiverse Database is a technical index of a huge number of SF universes. Maintained by Joe Hale.

SF Television and Movies

*   John C. Trost's Sci-Fi / Space Fantasy Archive has a lot of stuff on Star Wars and Star Trek. Plus Twin Peaks, Galaxy Quest, and more. The page includes graphics and sound archives. Check out the cool animations on his links page!

SF Web Directories

*   The Science Fiction Resource Guide is the oldest and possibly the greatest of all the web directories. Information on science fiction authors, movies, television shows, fan clubs, and conventions.

*   The Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide has a nice index of science fiction links.

*   The SF Site has a lot of good stuff

Fandom Sites

*   The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society has met every single Thursday since October 27, 1934. Yes, every Thursday. Check out their site for LASFS history and other information.

*   If you're in the Pacific Northwest, Northwest Science Fiction Resources has plenty of convention and bookstore information.

Actual Science!

*   NASA's J-Track 3D pops up an amazing Java applet that lets you view all the satellites and spacecraft that are orbiting our planet, right now. Talk about massively cool......

*   If your computer can't handle the applet or the download size, here is the two-dimensional version of J-Track.

*   NASA's Human Space Flight page lets you identify the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station, or other objects as they fly over your town. (The presence of this link in no way implies an endorsement of the International Space Station! Space Monkey continues to oppose this useless, expensive boondoggle. We want a colony on the moon, now – not pork-barrels and foreign aid disguised as science!)

*   Here's the official NASA Homepage.

*   The Nine Planets is a nice repository of data about our Solar System.

*   Bob Kanefsky created the Roving Mouse, who wanders the surface of Mars.... very nice interactive graphics.

*   Here is a complete and detailed Mars Atlas, for those who wish to attempt a landing.

*   Or you can simulate a landing or reconnaissance in the Mars Virtual Spacecraft.

*   A slightly shorter trip would take you Antarctica.

*   Finally, here is the earliest and most rigorous scientific experiment to appear on the web – The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project.

"As a member of the generation scared out of our wits by Orson Welles' radio broadcast, I must admit that I'm a little relieved that Mariner IV didn't find more signs of life on Mars."
--Lyndon Johnson

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