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Space Monkey welcomes you to the Science Fiction Timeline Site, at

At this site, you will find detailed information about the science fiction worlds of Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, E. E. “Doc” Smith, and Babylon 5 . . . . plus a chronological Tolkien reading order as well!

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Chronological Tolkien

Reading Order Calculator.   Reading Order FAQ.   Chronological Tolkien Tables.   Tolkien Links.
 NEW!   The FAQ explains how the new books Beren and Lúthien and The Fall of Gondolin connect to the chronological reading system.

Jerry Pournelle’s Future History

Timeline.   Suggested Reading Order.   Star Map.   Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and “High Justice.”   Ambiguities.   Bibliography.   Pournelle Links.
 NEW!   Updated to include Outies and War World: Falkenberg’s Regiment.

Babylon 5 History Page

Prophecies and Visions.   Astronomy in the B5 Galaxy.   Planets of the Earth Alliance.   Speeches and Monologues.   B5 Links.

Larry Niven’s Known Space

Timeline.   Niven Links.

E. E. Smith’s Lensman Series

Gharlane of Eddore’s Lensmen FAQ.

S F Links

Science Fiction Timeline Links.   Other Science Fiction Links.   Fandom Links.   Science Links.


Credits for the pages at this site.

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Space Monkey   The First Space Monkey

Space Monkey is mourning the death of Jerry Pournelle, a great writer with a great vision for the space program.

Let’s establish Dr. Pournelle’s legacy by implementing his plan for a moon colony. He proposed that, instead of working through NASA, the United States government should offer a giant cash reward to any corporation that builds a moon colony. It would produce a moon colony without all the bureaucracy!

We already have lotteries – the government is subsidizing people for not understanding math. Why can’t we subsidize people for helping the human race colonize new worlds?

And then in a few decades, on to Mars!

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