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Science Fiction Timeline Page:   Credits

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The Science Fiction Timeline Site is maintained by Larry King, graduate student at Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. He used to live in the other Washington, and misses it a lot.

The documents at this site are written by various authors, as noted on the individual pages. Larry King wrote the Babylon 5 prophecies and astronomy documents, and all the material in the Tolkien, Pournelle, and Lost sections. I. Marc Carlson of the University of Tulsa wrote the Known Space timeline, as well as the Babylon 5 timeline which is no longer at this site because it has been published in book form. The soi-disant Gharlane of Eddore wrote the Lensmen FAQ.

The HTML code is produced by a program written by Larry King specifically to build the pages on this site, and he really wishes he'd written it in Perl.....

  Always more writing to do....  

A number of other contributors have helped out in various ways. Many of the folks on[.moderated] contributed to the Prophecies page, including Joe Armata, Cindy Collins, Elizabeth Elliott, Maria Montalvo, Matthew Murray, Jeffrey Newman, Doug Quinn, and Cheryl Thompson. Kevin Trainor contributed some details to the Pournelle bibliography page. The Niven web-ring was organized by "Nessus" (a.k.a. "Vash").

And of course, thousands of details were fleshed out after discussions on various usenet groups and other forums.

The copyrights to all the fictional universes referred to by this site are held by the authors and/or their publishers.

All Babylon 5 graphics are copyrighted and trademarked by Warner Brothers. Permission to use these on non-profit websites was granted to B5 fans – as a token of Warner Bros' kindness and/or good business sense.

Dan Thompson created the Second Empire Crest on the main Pournelle page.

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