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Other Babylon 5 Websites

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Pages That Are Simply Too Good to be True

*   The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 is the greatest of all sites. (Now back from its extended vacation!)

*   190 Bester Place has an awesome collection of reference material, including:

*   Brian O'Neill created the Babylon 5 Encyclopedia.

Corporate Pages

*   The Sci Fi Channel's Official Site for Babylon 5 lets you links to the current television schedule. However, for some bizarre reason it isn't always up to date.....

*   You can purchase season one of Babylon 5 on DVD at the Warner Bros' Official Site for Babylon 5.

*   The Sci Fi Channel's site for Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers has the latest on the most recent Babylon 5 movie. But this site is now out of date.

The Storylines of Babylon 5

*   I always avoid the Spoiler Junkies' Page myself, since I am highly spoiler-averse. But if you don't mind spoilers, this site can offer you:

*   The main site devoted to Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers contains links to recent press coverage, internet tidbits, and a message board.

*   Pasi Ojala has compiled a wonderful assortment of Babylon 5 Quotes.

*   Monica Hubinette maintains The Abyss.

*   The Babylon 5 SF Reference List lists all (?) of the references in B5 to other science fiction works.

*   The Babylon 5 Episode Review Page is written by Justin Smith.

*   The Babylon 5 Visual Episode Guide is out of date, but has some nice pictures on it nonetheless. And the odd music is a bit disconcerting....

Characters, Races, and Technology

Sadly, the Encyclopedia Xenobiologica is down permanently. Space Monkey mourns for its passing....

*   The Babylon 5 Hypertext Reference site has a great link list, a chatroom, and many other features. Its highlight is the downloadable HTML Help File with a complete B5 glossary.

*   Juho Heikkala maintains a page devoted to Commander Susan Ivanova.

*   The BabTech on the Net page deals with B5 technology.   (Temporarily broken?)

*   The Earth Alliance site has an incredible amount of technical information, including military specs for all the races in B5.

Pictures and Sounds

*   There are some great pictures at Kamran Tariq's Babylon 5 Picture Site.

*   Sector 972, formerly known as The Babylon 5 War Council, is maintained by Yael.

*   Em'Lynn's Babylon 5 Domain has a great link list and several excellent pages -- including her Babylon 5 Landscapes Page.

Comic Strips

*   Here's an odd cartoon linking Bill Clinton to the Vorlons: Serf City, by Russ Lay and Mark Androvich.

*   Dilbert creator Scott Adams thinks Babylon 5 is the best show ever made. He guest-starred in the episode Moments of Transition, as described in this article.

Babylon 5 Embassies

*   John Francis maintains the NW-B5 Homepage. At this site you will find:

*   Gold Channel is maintained by the UK Babylon 5 Newsgroup's Jeremy Morley.

*   The UK Newsgroup also maintains the UK Babylon 5 FAQ.

*   The Unofficial Israeli Babylon 5 Site is maintained by Ran Bar-Zik.

*   The Russian Babylon 5 Fan Club Site is maintained by Sergei Shadow.

*   GOLDKANAL is maintained by Holger Sauer.

*   Here is the homepage of the Babylon 5 Italian Fan Club.

*   Here is a Slovenian B5 page: Babylon 5 v Slovenšcini, by Kšela Matej.

Babylon 5 Fandom

*   Here's a photo of JMS with his Hugo. I was there that day in 1996 when he won this... but who took this photo? (Gharlane of Eddore is responsible for this site, but I don't see how he could have taken the picture himself. Gharlane is just a brain in a jar, as you can see if you surf past this link....)

*   The I.S.S. Babylon site is the headquarters of the campaign to name the International Space Station after Babylon 5.

*   The Zocalo Newsletter is now out of print, but all the back-issues can be found here. Edited by Jan "Katana" Venters.

*   The Alternative Universe Today has been the home of Babylon 5 fan fiction since 1994.

*   Mike Helba maintains the Worlds of JMS site. This contains detailed information about all of Straczynski's post-B5 projects. (Most recently, JMS discussed the World Trade Center bombing in The Amazing Spider-Man.)

Miscellaneous Sites

*   Elef Gkioulekas' Babylon 5 Page has an overview of the show, and a picture of Kosh out of his suit.

*   Pamela Smith's B5 site is a bit out of date.

*   Jesse's Babylon 5 Super Site has some photos and additional links.

*   A fan in the Netherlands has created a bizarre site that catalogs all the appearances of the number "5" in Babylon 5: the B5 Mathematics Page. (Spoilers for all episodes!)

More Link Lists

*   Another list of Babylon 5 links, by David Wells.

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